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In Response to COVID-19

Here at India Palace, we take the health and safety of our community guests and employees very seriously. With the spread of the Corona Virus into Shelby County we just want everyone to know what we are doing on our part to ensure the wellbeing of our costumers and our employes.

We have been monitoring the situation closely and all of decisions are being informed by the protocols outlined by the Centers of Diseases Control and Prevention and our local health officials around the country. As of current, India palace will remain open as scheduled.

On a daily basis, India Palace is rigorously cleaned. That being said we have also taken on extra cleaning and safety measures.

These include disinfecting and cleaning repeatedly touched surfaces with powerful sanitizer spray bottles:

  • - Door handles
  • - Indoor handrails
  • - Sugar Caddies
  • - Salt and Pepper Shakers
  • - Menues
  • - Tables

All employees are required to clean their hands at least twice an hour (at least 20-30 seconds). A protocol that has been followed since our opening. We also send any employee that is sick home.

This virus has already impacted so many across the world and here at home. We hope for the well being of those who are currently going through it. Here India palace all our decisions are based on the well being of our community, customers and our employes.

And for your own safety at home, please follow the preventative guidelines provided by the CDC. A link to their website is provided below.